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Sunaina, with a diverse career spanning over 3 decades in real estate, education, travel and tourism, and HR, brings invaluable perspective to the recruitment industry. As the proprietor of Gridlines Consultancy in Delhi, her expertise shines.

From schooling in Delhi to a BA (English Literature) Hons from St Stephens College, Sunaina’s qualifications also include LEED certification, a Diploma Program in Interior Design, and HR certifications from XLRI, Jamshedpur.

In today’s rapidly expanding recruitment market, with India poised to become the 3rd largest economy globally, hiring opportunities have multiplied. Candidates now have abundant choices, shifting the market dynamics to favor candidates rather than employers. Additionally, reverse migration is on the rise in India, reversing the brain drain witnessed over the past few decades.

Hiring is no longer limited to a single approach. It now embraces diverse genders, specializations, and physical abilities. Moreover, various placement options are available globally, moving beyond traditional permanent hiring. These options enable organizations to reduce costs, scale up, and focus on revenue generation, freeing valuable time previously spent on staffing obvious roles.

Focus area-

  • TAT from JD sharing and call with AM
  • No of CV’s shortlisted for interview process
  • Shortlisted Candidates attending interview
  • CV’s shared vs no of Joinees
  • Attrition of new Joinees
  • Referral business
Principles at work

Principles at Work

We believe in working transparently and being productive. We ensure that real time feedback is available as well as mandates are kept strictly confidential

Our Experience

Gridlines Consultancy offers expert guidance across multiple sectors. Our experienced professionals deliver bespoke solutions on subjects such as business strategy, talent management, and technology integration. We specialize in streamlining operations, project management, personnel training, and more. Our team has a wealth of industry experience, enabling us to deliver tailored guidance on diverse challenges. We have assisted clients with diverse services, such as financial modelling, supply chain management, and cloud solutions. Whether large-scale enterprise or small-scale initiatives, we implement effective strategies to drive progress. We believe in fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development. Contact us to understand how we can help your organization achieve sustainable growth and success.

Our Experience


Career Growth within the OrganisationEmployee Benefits offered such as health, insurance etc.What is the management style in the company?What is CTC offered?

Attitude of candidateTime served in previous organisationsSkill set and domain knowledgeLeadership qualities as required

70% of positions get closed within 5 weeks93% of positions get closed within 8 weeks

Well established ensure they have available with them large databases.When JD is received, it is easy to filter through the data base on relevant CV’sThe CV’s are then scrutinised for culture fit, location, qualifications, previous organisations worked, and then finally CTC.The shortlisted candidates are spoken to for interest level and updating them about the open role and company looking for candidateSuch CV’s are then sent to client office for review.Shortlisted candidates are available for interview process.Once selected, job offer is rolled and then candidate hopefully accepts offer.Candidate is kept ward till joining date.Reviews are done with candidate for a period of 3 months to ensure job fit. This then completes the cycle.